Better Solutions For Your Business

Better Solutions For Your Business


We pride ourselves on providing web and mobile based products and services fully tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers With a wealth of experience.

Our Development Process In 5 Steps

Our team work will with you to gather requirements through discussions and analysis to help us determine the most effective solution to your unique business challenges.

A clickable interactive prototype brings the system to life and provides a visual model of our proposed solution.This enables all parties to explore the solution thereby giving clarity to our requirements gathering process,This technique saves time and money.

We ensure that the final development process takes into cognisance the system users and their devices (web browsers and mobile device types) ,their locations (centralised intranet or distributed extranet), server or network restrictions, look and feel, scalability amongst other things.

Our user acceptance testing process covers integration, environmental/localization, performance, stress, scalability and penetrations tests to ensure the system is working properly and there are no problems before going live.

Performance tuning and optimization is a necessary aspect of the maintenance for any IT system. We provide continuous support and enhancement for all our systems.



Nubiavile builds adaptable solutions to power end users regardless of the technologies at their disposal.With this, we focus on performance and security to ensure our portals are stable and protected across devices and platforms.

Mobile App Developement

Utilizing our Native, hybrid, and cross platform mobile development experience, you will get the app that ensures platform-specific functionality and native look and feel, thus bringing you a greater reach.

Sharepoint Developement

We transform SharePoint into multi-purpose applications that cover different aspects of business processes and communication. For this, we tailor out-of-the-box features and design custom functionality with our professional tool set.


  • Obe Samuel

    Obe Samuel

    Managing Partner

  • Rachel Opamoye

    Rachel Opamoye

    Office Manager

  • Damilola Nwankpele

    Damilola Nwankpele

    Software Developer

  • Aregbesola Azeez

    Aregbesola Azeez

    Data/Business Analyst

  • Aaron Okoye

    Aaron Okoye

    Operations Manager

  • Oluwaseun Sowemimo

    Oluwaseun Sowemimo

    Software Developer

  • Chika Joseph

    Chika Joseph

    Process Manager

  • Magdalene Edozie

    Magdalene Edozie

    Software Developer

  • Ibikunle Johnson

    Ibikunle Johnson

    Application Developer

  • Wisdom Elue

    Wisdom Elue

    Software Developer

  • Olufemi Lawal-West

    Olufemi Lawal-West

    Human Resource/Admin Manager

  • Udodirim Agonsi

    Udodirim Agonsi

    Front End Developer